I get it

I remember about two months into being sober and hearing someone say how it’s “fucking hard” I simply didn’t get it. All you have to do is not drink… Well tonight almost 5 months into this new way of living I finally get it! 

This weekend is my partners cousins wedding, and the wedding is in Napa none the less. So not only is it a drinking event but it is a long weekend in the wine country. I’m not going to elaborate cause I think to anyone working on sobriety you can picture the scenario. Needless to say this shit is hard! So I’ve ran away to my room and am taking a bath. Day one down, only 2 more to go! Wish me luck. 


100 days!

Today I celebrate 100 days sober! I’m so greatful to be able to say that. 

It’s so great to wake up without a hangover and not having to worry about still smelling like booze from the night before. However the thing that I appreciate the most is how I deal with situations now. In just the past few weeks I’ve seen a tremendous change in the way I handle stressful situations. I’m able to think clearly and not react based off of emotion. The amount of conflict I have avoided is worth more than I can explain. 

So to all my sober people or anyone playing with the idea, it’s worth it!


Pink Cloud

Ahhhh, I can’t believe its been 60 days! Today I celebrate 60 days sober, I’m pretty sure this is the longest I’ve been sober since I was a child (well at least a teen). It very exciting on one hand yet on the other I feel the so called “pink cloud” lifting. Im sure most of you in recovery have heard the term, for those of you that haven’t its basically the nostalgia of first being in recovery. The excitement of meeting new people, going to new meetings, events, etc. I’m kind of just floating through the process, I feel myself falling back into old habits. Nothing bad or crazy but just keeping to myself more then I probably should. So after being called out on it last night I made the effort today to reach out to my sponsor.

Going through this process has been interesting and some what easy so far, however I’m in complete control of my situation and or enviorment. When the time comes for me to be in an uncontrolled environment (like an upcoming wedding) I wonder how it will be. Thankfully I have a couple of months to get prepared ūüėČ I think thats all I have for tonight!

Sleep well loves..



I’ve decided to write my first ever blog post on my 30 day sobriety milestone. The point of my blog is to support others along with myself through wellness of all types. One of the biggest struggles I have had over the past years has been with drinking, there for tonights topic will be my experience today in my 30th day of sobriety.

Serendipity, oh how this played a huge role today. I recently decided to Join AA (thats a whole other topic) but tonight my sponsor was going to a meeting that I have never attended, usually on Monday’s I go to an all women’s meeting at a different fellowship, however I thought it would be nice to go to a meeting with her. As I was walking to the meeting I was thinking about how in the past the few times going to AA ¬†meetings in my home town I would be so scared that some one would see me and i would allow my ego get the best of me, I will follow up on this in a moment.

so I get into the meeting and my sponsor isn’t there, there were ¬†maybe 15 people (which is a small group compared to the women’s ¬†group) so I proceeded to get worked up and kinda mad that I chose to go this meeting. After a few minutes I accepted the decision I made and decided I would set my ego aside and embrace what this meeting had to teach me. The structure of the meeting was a person read a part of the book and chose a topic. The topic was…. Anonymity! Going back to my ego’s talk earlier about people seeing me walking into a meeting I thought that to be “ironic”. Moving forward the speaker also ended up being from my old city, I recent moved about 100 miles away. I think its time to add in the serendipitous-ness (don’t think thats a word lol) he proceeds to talk about how he never felt comfortable going to meetings back home because of people that may see him or that he knew…. hmmm….

So to kinda wrap this thing up, Although I did relate to his share being a shy-ish new comer I chose not to speak during the meeting. However after the meeting he was still around so I introduced myself to him and told him how I related to what he said. We continued chatting and ¬†a few moments later her introduces me to his other friend who just moved from the same city. His friend was one of my old clients…. serendipity, or the universe working its magic.